Overview Exhibition first cycle: (2020-22)

Deep Time Agency in het Nieuwe Instituut Gallery 3, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam, NL

06.10.2022 - 22.10.2022

Thanks to Floor van Berkhout, Joost de Munk, Iona Stichting Amsterdam and all collaborators and funders of the presented projects

Media: installation, sculpture, photography and video

Material: concrete, steel, 3d print, prints on dibond, water, sand, rocks, plexiglas, glas, wood, led lights, (engraved) bricks, seeds, ziplock bags, displays and monochrome risography on coloured paper

Dimensions: sculpture: ø220x110 cm, publication: 95x135 mm, 95 pages, edition of 50, fishtank: 185x50x50 cm, map: 60x80x75 cm, prints: 60x90 cm
Deep Time Agency proudly presents its first solo exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut. A multi-year, artistic research initiative, the agency
re-contextualises archaeological and paleontological objects in (post-)industrial landscapes, in collaboration with local residents, stakeholders and institutions. The result is a series of case studies that highlights changing landscapes and found objects and brings them together in an overarching artistic project.

The first four parts, Descent into the Future (2020), Concrete Reef (2022), Ancestors Rising (2022) and Swamp Palace (2022), can now be seen in Gallery 3. The long, vertical space of Gallery 3 functions as a mineshaft in this exhibition, highlighting various finds from geological layers and excavation sites explored in the agency’s different projects.

© Deep Time Agency, 2022
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